Warwick Student Cinema Presents: Save Our Society

A project by: Warwick Student Cinema

pledged of £25,000 target
This project has no minimum! This project will receive all pledges made by midnight, Sun 01 Sep 2019

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Can you get the BBC Films, Anthony Minghella movie, "Truly Madly Deeply"? RIP Alan Rickman.

Well that got us a little closer. Hopefully the large army of society alumni will kick into gear and be even more generous. The goal is achievable!

Member of Film Unit Sheffield here. Hope you guys can get back up and running soon!

Love from Film Unit, good luck with your fundraising!

This society was an integral part of my time at Warwick, from feeding my love for cinema to giving me a space to express myself. It gave me an opportunity to see a whole new side to the art of filmmaking and that was only because of the true passion in the folk that run it. The society strives for delivering the finest cinema to the University with brilliant schedules term after term, going above and beyond to give us 35mm and 70mm prints. I love this society with all my heart and I wish them all the best in returning with all the more vigour next year!

Thank you to the lovely people that held a cake sale on campus and raised at massive £135! <3

It's official: WSC has always been an amazing society. I'm delighted to be able to donate and I hope many others do too! Can't wait to hear how you get on...!

This is the greatest society at the university (and to my mind, the country) Part of the reason I came to this university was because of the student cinema, after I saw a 70mm print of 2001 in 2014. My last four years at Warwick have been made so special by it. I hope you get a nice new one :)

Loved being part of the society when I was at Warwick - keep up the amazing work you guys do and I look forward to coming back at some point and watching a film on the shiny new projector!